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6 Tips to Help You Write Product Descriptions On Social Media That Sell

Social Media

Why Advertise Your Ecommerce Business on Social Media?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have something in common when it comes to sales—a multibillion audience base ready to give your products a shot. Mathew Sikes, Social Media Manager for PickTheWriter, spoke on the matter briefly: “Even though an e-commerce platform may be successful in terms of organic traffic, PPC, and/or affiliate marketing, social media advertising can outperform all of those communication channels if it’s done correctly.”

With that said, let’s take a look at how to write and optimize product descriptions to better convert your leads on social media.

  1. 1. Keep It Short and Informative

Social media news feeds are often riddled with dozens of new posts, social information, and content that users want to digest as fast as possible. This is why you should keep your product descriptions as short and informative as possible. Don’t make the audience work to understand what your post is about. People only see a few words of your post, so offer a short and sweet snippet with a link that directs users to your eCommerce store for more information.

  1. 2. Benefits Over Features

It’s logical that you would want to present your products and services from a technical, data-driven standpoint to potential customers. However, that’s not always the best approach. Given the casual nature of social media platforms, users are bound to respond better to the benefits of products and services over technical features.

Make sure to open your sales pitches with the benefits of your products and services in terms of what they can do for your users. For example, let’s consider microwave sales. Users don’t care about electric power or the type of chip that’s inside; they care about how quickly they can get to their food. Reserve the features for product description pages on your website, and focus on real-world applications and benefits in the opening sales pitch to maximize your content’s effectiveness.

  1. 3. Create Complementary Multimedia

One of the strongest communication mediums on social media is in the visuals. Multimedia content such as professional photography, video demonstrations, customer reviews as well as influencer testimonials can all be used to your social media advantage. Multimedia will ensure that users stop skimming through their news feed and stop to see what you have to say. It should almost go without saying that you should always use original content that is representative of your products and services to avoid any copyright infringement.

Multimedia optimization should play a supporting role due to various algorithms across social media platforms—not all content is treated equally, and it should therefore not drive your strategy. However, use it to complement your product descriptions and you will undoubtedly achieve your social media sales targets sooner rather than later.

  1. 4. Integrate Trending Keywords

When it comes to content writing optimization, keywords should find their way into your product descriptions. Keywords are typically associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in terms of organic search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

However, they can also be very effective in helping you reach relevant customers through social media due to automated targeting algorithms that personalize ads based on user interactions. If someone searches for “mini blender” through their web browser, they will likely be presented with your mini blender ads in the near future and may take the offer into serious consideration. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush can benefit you greatly when it comes to keyword selection and customer targeting—make sure to check them out.

  1. 5. Strategic Calls to Action

Lastly, calls to action are one of the most efficient tools when it comes to stopping potential customers in their news feed scrolling habits. Calls to action are a tried-and-true marketing strategy that revolves around directing a potential customer into a specific action. For example, “Contact us now and receive a discount!” is a typical but effective call to action which can bring an edge to your product description writing.

The types of calls to action you can write are limited only by your creativity and the products or services you aim to push to the market. They should always be short and elicit an emotional response from the reader. This can be achieved through mentioning time-limited benefits, placement of exclamation points in the call to action, and other offers centered on the customer’s gain. Make sure to integrate a call to action into your social media posts and product descriptions to encourage users into taking action.

Social Media

  1. 6. Personalize Your Approach

One of the greatest advantages of using social media to share your products with the market is the freedom to personalize your content. As we all know, social media is popularly used for interpersonal networking, communication, content sharing, and other non-business activities. This makes personalization and social listening activities prior to your product description writing highly valuable.

Personal pronouns and a casual tone of voice will ensure that your product descriptions blend in with native content, instead of standing out as an inorganic advertisement. You can go a step further and refine different personas based on the target audience you aim to attract. After all, millennials, teens, and elderly social media users will respond differently to each product post they see on the platform. Know your audience and personalize your approach.

  1. In Summary

There are a plethora of ways in which you can write product descriptions in order to increase sales on social media platforms. Whether you opt for short and informative writing or rely on multimedia content, social media sales will definitely up your business’ revenue going forward.

Now that we have listed and discussed several ways in which product description writing can be adjusted for social media, let’s hear it from you. What are your thoughts and experiences in regards to social media sales and product description writing? Do you have any other tips or guidelines to share with the community? Let us know in the comments section below.

This article was contributed by Freelance writer Angela Baker, she also writes for LiveInspiredMagazine

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