Most Amazon sellers are familiar with the Amazon Brand Registry. It is the most potent way of establishing your brand on Amazon. Getting into the brand registry involves a straightforward application process, and is available to essentially any seller who owns their own brand. Amazon provides a comprehensive guideline for eligibility and the program details. The brand registry program includes many benefits, most notably A+ content. 


What is A+ Content?

Once you’ve been approved by the Amazon Brand Registry, the A+ content feature allows you to customize your store front and listing descriptions. It acts as your brand’s personalized web page and multimedia presentation. By mixing images, videos and custom listings, A+ content increases your conversion rates and gives your product sales a boost.

Let’s examine the A+ content on this wireless earbuds listing

Amazon Brand Registry Content

This space is dedicated to acquainting the shopper with the brand and the attractive features of the product. The text provided is not taken into account by the A9 algorithm, so it is purely a point of connection between your customers and your products.

The A+ content is customizable, allowing you to create a personalized platform within the larger platform that is Amazon. Here’s what the storefront for the ear buds brand above looks like:

Customizing your Storefront

Amazon Brand Registry content

This particular brand excels at presenting their product line and educating their customers on what their brand is about and for whom their products are made. With all of this space it’s basically hard not to do. Be sure to include dynamic video and photography on your brand page. Engaging content can help build brand trust and improve the consumer experience. However, there is another enormous benefit to being a registered brand – sponsored brand ads. 

Sponsored Content

This is a whole new dimension of PPC provided in addition to the standard PPC you are currently using. It lets you advertise outside of the normal sponsored ads space, most notably, on top of the searches. This is an example of a sponsored brand ad, formerly known as headline search ads:

As you can see, you have the ability to show off multiple products accompanied by a short block of text. The text box on top, commonly filled with the seller’s slogan, offers another chance for your brand to shine creatively. There are other options in development, and there are constantly new changes and updates being made. As a registered brand, you’re granted access to any new type of advertising Amazon is adding into the system or simply putting on trial. Advertising as a sponsored brand is a complex subject. If you want to find out more, we have a detailed article written about it.

Becoming a registered brand is not easy. The main requirement to enroll is obtaining a registered trademark, which can take close to a year to finish. The remaining requirements are easier to accomplish. For example, proof of ownership can be obtained by purchasing a domain name for the brand and including your personal information on the website of that domain. Find out if the Amazon Brand Registry is the right fit for you by reading our article about it here. 

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