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The State of Amazon Reviews in 2020

This article was republished from Feb. 28, 2020 Amazon has been cracking down on questionable tactics intended to generate product reviews. They have taken some pretty extreme measures in the past, to ensure reviews are legitimate and not incentivized. But, some people think they’re taking it too far. Repercussions...


Supply Chain Disruptions: Conducting Business As Usual – PART 1

Your supply and inventory for your eCommerce business seem to be running on autopilot. What happens if one of the links in your logistics chain gives out? Your productivity and success heavily rely on your supplier’s manufacturing capabilities, as well as your shipping services functioning optimally around the clock....


Top Reasons Why Your Amazon Account Was Suspended

You’re an Amazon seller and you’ve just discovered your account or product has been suspended. You’re not alone. Surprisingly, this happens to nearly every Amazon seller at one point or another. So, what are the reasons for getting your Amazon account suspended? Amazon is overly dedicated to...


How To Get Your Amazon Store Reinstated

You’re an Amazon seller and you discover your account or product has been suspended. How do you begin the process to get your Amazon store reinstated? There is good news: You can submit a Plan of Action Your to have your suspension lifted. Most suspended accounts are reactivated within...


Predicting eCommerce Trends After COVID-19

The realities of the pandemic have led more consumers to embrace digital commerce. Around the world, they’re changing how they look at products, and re-considering their priorities. Store closures and breakdowns in supply chains have sent consumers looking for new brands. Fifty-six percent of millennials have tried at least...

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