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Top Selling Products Online Now

The Covid-19 crisis sent a shockwave through the global economy — dramatically shifting consumer behaviors, in some cases, permanently. People were forced to quickly adopt new habits. Although the pandemic is far from over, we’ve begun to see certain trends emerge. Global consumers continue to feel they’re not back...


Inventory Management During COVID-19

During the last few months, people have turned to online shopping more than ever. If you are required to stay indoors, it only makes sense to have your essential items delivered to you. This sudden surge of online orders has forced sellers to adapt as well. Additionally, sites like Amazon...


Why Sell on Amazon Netherlands

As of January 2020, Amazon.nl has opened to registering new sellers. Amazon.nl has been around for a while, however, it used to be limited to media products. Now, Amazon has decided to pick the Netherlands as the next market in the Amazon network. Why the Netherlands?  Amazon.nl...


A+ Content: Perks of Registering Your Brand on Amazon

Most Amazon sellers are familiar with the Amazon Brand Registry. It is the most potent way of establishing your brand on Amazon. Getting into the brand registry involves a straightforward application process, and is available to essentially any seller who owns their own brand. Amazon provides a comprehensive guideline for...


Why You Should Attend the 2020 Canton Fair

The 2020 Canton Fair is coming up soon! The Canton Fair, or China Import and Export Fair, began in 1957 with the purpose of opening up China’s products to the world. At that time, practically all of China’s production facilities were state owned and the country as a...


How to Build a Strong Brand

You only have one chance to make a good first impression which is why strong, consistent branding is important for the success of your online store. One advantage of selling online is it allows you to cultivate an engaging storefront that would be difficult to achieve from a typical brick...

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