Award-winning Global Payment Service for Online Sellers

PingPong was named one of the world’s 250 fastest-growing fintech startups by CB Insights in 2018. In 2019, PingPong won the Alexander Hamilton Award for Best Practices in Restricted/Emerging Markets and was named one of the world’s Top 100 Cross-Border Payment Companies by FXC Intelligence.

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PingPong is Built for E-commerce

Since 2015, more than 42,000 e-commerce merchants have trusted PingPong to help grow their business with better rates money on cross-border payments, supplier payments, financing, and more. 

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$10 Billion

PingPong has processed more than $10 billion in cross-border payments for e-commerce merchants.

350 k

More than 350,000 sellers turn to PingPong for
safely bringing their money home. 

$100 Million

PingPong transfers more than hundred
million dollars a day for international ecommerce sellers just like you. 

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