Are you tired of traditional wire transfers that make you wait days for your funds to arrive? Do you want to save time and money on cross-border transactions? Look no further than these innovative money transfer apps! We've rounded up five of the best apps to send money internationally, each with its unique features and benefits.

First up is PingPong, a company founded and based in the heart of the financial world, New York City. With their strategic positioning in China, PingPong offers lightning-fast same-day payments to major economic hubs, including the US and China. Its platform allows for greater transparency and has assisted over 1 million clients in safe money transfers. PingPong can also help optimize invoicing and reconciliation processes. Now business can pay any of their domestic and overseas suppliers by credit card even where they aren't accepted.

Keep reading to discover why PingPong and four other apps are the perfect solution for your global transactions.

Revolut: Revolut is a UK-based app that offers free international money transfers in over 30 currencies. The app also provides users with real-time exchange rates and allows them to hold and exchange up to 28 different currencies. Additionally, Revolut offers a range of other financial services, such as budgeting tools, savings accounts, and cryptocurrency trading.

Wise (formerly TransferWise): Wise is another UK-based app that allows users to send and receive money in over 70 currencies. Its fees are transparent and generally lower than traditional banks. Wise also offers multi-currency accounts, which allow users to hold and manage money in multiple currencies.

PayPal: While PayPal is primarily known as an e-commerce payment platform, it also offers international money transfer services. Users can send and receive money in over 100 currencies, and PayPal's fees are generally competitive. Additionally, PayPal offers a range of other financial services, such as credit and debit cards.

Xoom: Xoom is a digital money transfer service owned by PayPal that allows users to send money to over 130 countries. Xoom offers competitive exchange rates and fast transfer speeds. Users can also track their transactions in real-time and receive notifications when their money has been sent or received.

Overall, each of these apps offers unique features and benefits for international money transfers. It's important to consider your specific needs and priorities when choosing the best option for your business.

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