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Since 2015, PingPong has been working hard to empower entrepreneurs around the world – and we just won an award for it! We’re pleased to announce that PingPong has been named to FXC Intelligence’s list of the top 100 cross-border fintechs in the world.

FXC Intelligence is the owner of FXCompared.com and provides market research on more than 13,000 fintechs. The company is focused on providing high-grade, independent market data on the foreign currency exchange and international payments sector.

The Nomination Process

To be considered for the FXC Intelligence top 100 list, each fintech had to meet three requirements. One, the company had to be out of startup mode, even if they had never raised outside funds. Two, each company was required to have an established customer base. Three, they must primarily be a cross-border payment company or they must be a company that receives a substantial amount of its revenue from cross-border payments.

How PingPong Was Chosen For the Award

“The company is achieving scale, has an established customer base and is tackling some of the more challenging problems in payments such as flows to China and Asia,” explained Daniel Webber, Founder, CEO, FXC Intelligence. “PingPong very much deserves its place in our Top 100 list. There are many companies trying to emulate PingPong and few made our list.”

“PingPong very much deserves its place in our Top 100 list. There are many companies trying to emulate PingPong and few made our list.”

Daniel Webber, Founder, CEO, FXC Intelligence


Being Named One of the World’s Top Fintechs Is Just the Beginning

“It’s an honor to be named one of the world’s leading cross-border payment companies,” exclaimed Karen Li, managing director of PingPong U.S. “We have teams in the U.S., Asia, and Europe who have been working for years to bring online sellers the best cross-border payment solutions.”

PingPong’s service makes it possible for online sellers to have virtual bank accounts in countries around the world — with one simple account. By setting up a PingPong global currency account, an online merchant can send payments and receive payouts from foreign marketplaces like Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon EU, Amazon Japan, and Amazon Australia.

“Along the way, we’ve expanded our services to make it easier and more affordable for ecommerce and Amazon merchants to make international supplier payments, VAT payments, and GST payments. To be named among the best in our industry is something we’ve worked hard to achieve,” explained Li.

Our Award-Winning Services for Online Sellers

This award is the latest in a streak of honors PingPong has received. In addition to being named to the FXC Intelligence 100, PingPong scored a spot on the 2018 CB Insights Fintech 250 and captured the 2019 Alexander Hamilton Award for Best Practices in Restricted/Emerging Markets.

Still, the work we do to help our sellers grow their businesses is the truest measure of our success. Every day, we’re hard at work here at PingPong helping ecommerce sellers expand their businesses internationally. More than 43,000 online sellers around the world trust PingPong to 2018 CB Insights Fintech 250 and captured the send and receive cross-border payments, VAT payments, GST payments, supplier payments, and more.

If you’re already a PingPong account holder, this is just the start! We have many more exciting developments to grow your business in the works. If you’re not already a PingPong user, learn more about how to set up a free global currency account.

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