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Amazon delivers items to shoppers all over the world. If you’re planning to expand your Amazon business to other marketplaces, it’s important to have a strategy in place for building your seller reputation.

Assuming you’ve already done your research and made the decision to grow globally, here are three things to keep in mind for managing your Amazon account health as you expand your business.

Get the Language Right

Amazon unified accounts and programs such as FBA and Global Selling make it relatively simple to start fulfilling orders in new marketplaces. Amazon will also handle customer service on your behalf, meaning you don’t need to hire staff to manage service inquiries in additional languages. But if you’re selling in a marketplace where the primary language differs from your own, there are a few things that require translation.

Terminology and slang greatly vary from one marketplace to another. It’s imperative to work with someone who understands the colloquialisms of a given language. Professionally translate your Amazon product listings into the local language for every marketplace where you list products. It’s important to have a well-written listing that is optimized for that local market.

If your product requires assembly, any information needed for assembling the item should be translated and/or provided in a visual format, such as an illustrated diagram. This helps reduce returns and ensure customer satisfaction, which can in turn influence the types of reviews your product receives.

Research guidelines for your products in every marketplace you plan to sell in. Some countries, particularly those in Europe, have very specific guidelines for certain types of products. You may be required to provide information, such as a list of ingredients for a beauty product. After you’ve tested out the market and have an idea of the demand for your products, it may make sense to create separate labels and packaging for each marketplace. This will also require professional translation.

Don’t skimp and rely on a free online translation tool. Hire a professional native speaker who can assist you in translating your product listing, instructions, or additional information. Investing in this service upfront helps ensure that you are clearly communicating information regarding your product with all buyers. It can also make it a lot easier to receive stellar ratings and build your “seller health” in the new marketplace.

Request Feedback and Reviews

As an Amazon seller, you understand the importance of providing an excellent customer experience. To ensure that buyers in every marketplace are getting that experience, Amazon seller feedback is provided at the country level, even if you have a unified account. When you open an account in another country, you will be starting from the beginning.

The good news is that you already know what it takes to get great feedback. Fulfill orders on time, be responsive and professional if you receive customer inquiries, and make sure your packaging is adequate to protect items from damage during the fulfillment process. If you’re fulfilling orders with FBA, Amazon takes care of the order fulfillment and customer service for you, which ensures a consistent experience for buyers.

Seller feedback shows shoppers and Amazon that you are reliable, while reviews provide important social proof for your products. Building feedback and reviews should be a top priority each time you enter a new market. Amazon will display international reviews for your ASINs, but you’ll need to start getting local reviews to increase buyer trust and your product’s ranking in Amazon search.

When requesting reviews or feedback, you can use professionally translated default templates in FeedbackFive, or send requests with the Request a Review button. This feature instantly translates the message into the recipient’s preferred language. If you prefer to send a more customized request, have the message professionally translated.

Provide Excellent Service

Amazon is all about providing a great customer experience, and third-party sellers are a big part of that experience. Make excellent service a habit, no matter how many marketplaces you’re selling on. Doing your best to ensure that Amazon shoppers have quality experiences with your business and products is one of the most effective ways to build and protect your reputation.

Successful sellers with healthy Amazon accounts can participate in exclusive Amazon programs and even receive discounts from time to time. Be responsive when customers reach out, and work to resolve any issues with professionalism and grace.

Go Global

Amazon is a savvy channel for expanding your company’s reach. You’ll benefit from consumers’ established trust in the platform. You’ll also gain access to Amazon’s fulfillment options and additional services that eliminate the need for a physical store or hiring local employees to fulfill orders.

Begin building your seller reputation all over the world with FeedbackFive, which supports fifteen Amazon marketplaces – the most of any tool of its kind. FeedbackFive provides professionally translated feedback and review request templates as well as the automatically translated Amazon Feedback and Review Request. If you have questions regarding requesting reviews in a new marketplace, schedule a free product review consultation today.

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