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International Amazon Trends

For merchants selling in multiple countries around the globe, it’s more important than ever to know what customers are searching for and how those searches can vary by geographic region. By identifying the popular trends that drive a marketplace, you become informed about the qualities customers look for in your current product offerings or prospective product lines you should consider including in the future. This knowledge also allows you to tailor your Amazon advertising campaigns and listing content for each market.

We reviewed three of Amazon’s top English-speaking marketplaces—the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada—to uncover the overarching trends in each marketplace.  Let’s see what shoppers prioritized in each of these three markets.

Note: The trends we’re emphasizing here are incredibly broad and competitive. From here, you should perform a deep dive and find niches with less competition in your categories. Top-level trends can also serve as a starting point for your product research and brainstorm.



Across the US, shoppers are looking both on and off Amazon to detach from their devices. The term “Wireless earbuds” had over 10 million searches in August, making it one of the top-ranking searches.  It’s the first of any accessory search to outrank variations of “iPhone case,” which dominates the US’ top searches.

While this is already a crowded niche, there’s a lot that you can learn from this product trend. It indicates that shoppers are looking for convenience in a product and that they’re on-the-go. Shoppers don’t want cords impeding their movements. It’s reasonable to assume then that they want the same level of flexibility and ease-of-use in all of their tech accessories.

Other cordless accessories that customers searched for include chargers, mouses, and speakers. When you conduct product research, remember to look for synonyms! Shoppers use “wireless,” “Bluetooth,” and “cordless” interchangeably when looking for similar products.

The Essentials

Americans use Amazon as a personal corner store to stock their homes with household essentials like toilet paper, which had over 8  million searches in August. Products like “hand soap,“toothbrushes,  and“baby wipes” are also topping the charts which make us wonder whether customers are using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program” to have these items delivered on a regular basis. Backpacks,“lunch boxes“pencil pouches” and“colored pencils also made August’s top 100  list as students headed back-to-school. If you are selling or thinking about selling household items, consider showcasing your product as an everyday need rather than a splurge.



While the United States is cutting its wires, the United Kingdom is searching for theirs more than ever. The highest-ranking cable, USB C,  had over 5 million searches in the month of August.

British shoppers are also looking to connect their devices with searches like “HDMI cable,”  “lightning cable,” and “micro USB.” Be sure to do keyword research before beginning your marketing Otherwise, you could miss opportunities like “extension lead” that had almost 3 million searches!


Growing trends everywhere  indicate more shoppers utilize Amazon as a product search engine than ever before. Similar to how they use Google, shoppers are including modifiers and general phrases in their searches rather than a naming a specific product.

This is especially true in the UK market, where customers consistently search for a type of gift or a persona. Shoppers lean towards phrases like “birthday gift for toddlers” or “birthday gift for 60-year-olds.” They are also searching for specific franchises or characters. Perhaps unsurprisingly for the UK, the most popular franchise gift search is “harry potter gifts,” with almost 2 million searches (go Ravenclaw!).

It’s important to think of all the different uses for your product and add those terms to your listing. If you need help brainstorming gift specific keyword phrases, a keyword tool like MerchantWords can save you time.


Amazon trends


While hockey may be the national sport of Canada, it’s basketball that’s ruling over Amazon searches. The Toronto Raptors recently won the NBA Championship for the first time since they were founded in 1995! This win caused searches to skyrocket for Raptors and basketball-related gear on Amazon.ca. Popular searches for team merchandise included top-of-the-funnel searches like “Toronto Raptors,” but they also got more specific with “raptors jerseys,”“raptors hats,” and “raptors shirts.”

Pay attention to events and trends that impact your niche. Reacting to these changes quickly can allow you to capitalize on a trend when it begins.


While “baby wipes” is a popular search term across most marketplaces, “baby” itself ranked within the top ten keywords for Amazon’s Canadian marketplace. Other high-ranking searches include “baby monitor,“ “baby gate,” “diaper bag,” and “car seat.” Synonyms and complementary terms are crucial for expanding your reach. They can also reveal bundling opportunities that help you surpass the competition.

What Now?

Each of these search trends demonstrates customer demand within their markets. By understanding these overarching trends, you’re better equipped to meet the needs of your customers. You’re also ahead of the game when it comes to developing or sourcing new products. Shopper searches can help identify signs of a shift in the marketplace, so you know when to move your inventory from a declining market to a thriving one or remove yourself from a market altogether.

MerchantWords monitors customer searches in eleven different Amazon marketplaces around the world. By monitoring the Amazon search bar, we’re able to provide you with Amazon keyword data first and recognize shopper search trends as their happening. Use our Amazon data tools and SEO services to discover opportunities, optimize your marketing, and grow your business.

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