In 2021, over 200,000 third-party sellers on Amazon achieved over $100,000 in revenue. For those ambitious about expanding their Amazon business and reaching the 6-figure or 7-figure sales benchmark, becoming a registered brand can be a critical move. This registration not only provides significant advantages, but also grants vital protections from Amazon that would otherwise be inaccessible.

By registering your brand on Amazon, you can prevent numerous copyright infringement issues from occurring. Additionally, there are several beneficial marketing perks that accompany brand registration on Amazon. In this blog, we'll delve into the primary benefits of joining the Amazon Brand Registry and guide you through the registration process.

• Understanding the Amazon Brand Registry
• What are the Advantages of the Amazon Brand Registry?
• Harnessing the Power of Amazon's A+ Content
• How Does Amazon Advertising Work?
• How Do You Get Approved for Amazon Brand Registry?

Understanding the Amazon Brand Registry

The Brand Registry is an initiative by Amazon that allows sellers greater control over their products and listings. The program aims to enable Amazon sellers to concentrate more on building and expanding their brands on the platform by verifying sellers as the authentic owners of their brand. Think of it as earning a blue check mark on Twitter.

What are the Advantages of the Amazon Brand Registry?

Although being a registered brand doesn't stop others from selling your product, if a customer clicks the "buy now" button on your listing, the sale is credited to you.

Harnessing the Power of Amazon's A+ Content

Amazon's A+ Content (previously Enhanced Brand Content) is a significant benefit you gain from enrolling in Amazon's Brand Registry program. A+ Content lets you transform the section that used to be your Amazon product description into a highly customizable space. Instead of a small, barely noticeable text box, you now have an extensive display to narrate your brand's full story.

In addition to your product description, A+ Content offers a wide range of customization options, including detailed product descriptions, rich images, charts, and narrative copy, which can significantly enhance product visibility, conversion, and sales. Keep in mind that while your A+ content isn't indexed by Amazon's A9 algorithm, your product description is, so it's crucial to optimize both.

Amazon Brand Registry

Once you begin to experiment with A+ Content, you'll discover new tools for creating the perfect presentation for your Amazon store. This newfound space lets you educate potential customers, capture their attention, and begin fostering brand loyalty. The potential positive impacts of customizing your A+ Content page are numerous:

• Increased sales – Showcase your product on your terms, which helps the customer form a clearer mental image of owning or operating your product.
• Higher conversions – Use your information-rich canvas to appeal to potential customers, improving your chances of preventing them from moving on or clicking on a related listing.
• Lower rate of returns or negative reviews – Thoroughly educate your customers about every aspect of your Amazon products, resulting in more informed buyers and, consequently, fewer returns or negative reviews due to lack of information.
• More return customers and recommendations – Registering your brand on Amazon aids in building your brand recognition, resulting in higher customer retention and recommendation rates.

Enhancing Your Amazon Registered Brand Listing with Video

Video is a major upgrade available to your Amazon listing as a registered brand. You can include a short video in the section usually reserved for product images, but use it wisely. You only get one video, and it replaces your final product image.

How Does Amazon Advertising Work?

Amazon Advertising is a special feature accessible to sellers with registered brands. Amazon Advertising expands your Amazon PPC reach within the Amazon advertising platform, including two new types of ads: Sponsored Brand Ads and Product Targeting Ads.

Sponsored Brand Ads are displayed at the top of the search results page for specific keywords. These ads are standout features on Amazon and are seen as the best in their category by shoppers. They're excellent for building your brand as they allow you to incorporate a slogan and a selection of products from your store.

Product Targeting Ads, found underneath the buy button on most Amazon listings, can be targeted by ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) or interest. This broadens your marketing capabilities on the Amazon platform and can lead to attracting a wider range of customers.

How Do You Get Approved for Amazon Brand Registry?

Enrolling in the brand registry requires a few essentials: a website with your brand name, a social media account, and a registered trademark. Trademarks can be registered by filing it with USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) or with an equivalent organization in your home country.

Developing your brand's website and social media presence is also essential. Ensure your domain is available while creating your brand name, which can also assist with your trademark registration. After securing your domain, create a website and social media accounts for your brand. Amazon requires consistent contact information on your website that matches your Amazon account details.

Registering your brand on Amazon provides significant benefits that can transform your business and contribute to its growth. Therefore, in 2023, it remains absolutely worth it to become an Amazon registered brand.

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