VATs can be a colossal pain.

Paying them doesn’t have to be. With a PingPong account, you can pay your VAT and suppliers for free. 

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Paying VATs doesn’t have to be such a colossal pain.

Sign up now. Start making VAT and supplier payments for free with a PingPong account. 

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Paying VATs and suppliers can really eat into your earnings…

You receive Euros from Amazon EU account

If you’re an American merchant selling on Amazon EU, you’re receiving payments in Euros and pounds.

Then you transfer the Euros into dollars

To get the money out of your Amazon account and back to the U.S., you transfer the money into dollars.

Only to transfer it back to Euros (and pay more fees)

Then when it’s time to pay VATs and suppliers, you have to transfer dollars back into Euros or pounds to pay.

Now, PingPong makes it fast, easy and free to send payments across the globe. Start paying your suppliers and VAT from the balance in your account. Never use an expensive wire transfer to make VAT payments or supplier payments again. 

If you’re an Amazon seller, start making VAT and supplier payments with a PingPong account for free.

Now, you can pay suppliers and VAT authorities in the UK and EU from funds in your PingPong account. That means ZERO fees!

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Can’t I just open an EU bank account?

Opening up a bank account in Europe isn’t an option for all Amazon sellers. Many European countries make it tough to get an EU bank account, sometimes you even need an office location there. Unless you’re a large enough company to have offices in multiple countries you might not qualify for an EU bank account. The only alternative for many Amazon sellers is to pay expensive wire transfers and multiple exchange fees.

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For a limited time, try PingPong free for 1 month. Sign up a new PingPong account now, and exchange all the currency you like for one month. Pay VAT and international suppliers in EU and GBP. No exchange fees!

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Please be advised this offer is available for a limited number of new accounts and may become unavailable at any time. Thank you.  

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