We are excited to announce our expanded suite of products in the US, to support the cross-border expansion and growth of e-commerce sellers into new markets.

FundsGrabr enables US merchants to expand globally, selling to international marketplaces with a low 1% cap rate on cross-border payments.

VATZilla: VATZilla makes it quick and easy for merchants to pay VAT from the balance in their account. We simplify and streamline the process to ensure you never use an expensive wire transfer for VAT again. That means zero fees!

PayAgo: PayAgo helps sellers make payments to suppliers, vendors, or employees. By using the funds in your PingPong account, transfers can be made between accounts instantly. Sending payments domestically or internationally can be completed with one click.

“As a global services provider, our product suite is tailored to supporting cross-border business growth”, said Kenny Tsang, Managing Director, PingPong Payments.

“Online sellers are in need of both a payments system and overseas market knowledge and business advice, that can help them break into new markets, at speed and at scale. We are the payments and business services provider that can not only help online sellers grow their business, but expand their sales across borders and help them to remain compliant, in a frictionless and cost-effective way.”

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