PingPong has been changing the game as one of the largest cross-border trade digital service providers in the world. Now, together with some of its world-class partners in various industries, PingPong is crossing another milestone with its big debut on the NASDAQ screen in the famous New York Times Square, which attracts more than 50 million visitors a year.

PingPong and its entire partner ecosystem are all celebrating Chinese New Year with a positive outlook: This will be a great year for more innovative collaborations that will break barriers in the global payments space. Since its inception in 2015, PingPong has been consistently proving its commitment to building a safe, stable, and reliable cross-border digital network—that is grounded in the highest level of security compliance and backed by scientific research and tech innovations—to enable local enterprises to go global.

With PingPong’s international licenses, more and more local partner enterprises are being empowered to compete in the cross-border and foreign trade arena within the United States. In fact, PingPong is one of the very few enterprises founded in China with both domestic and overseas payments and qualifications licenses.

PingPong’s various payment licenses include the Money Service Business License issued by FinCEN in the US, and the Money Transmitter License issued by various US States. These major licenses allow PingPong to operate in North America and help its partners carry out their cross-border business transactions with ease and with the highest level of security and compliance.

The global epidemic felt in recent years led to a massive push for overseas enterprises to transform from offline to online, and those that were quick to adapt to changes have entered a new market that is full of endless possibilities.

With this new opportunity to “sell to the world” comes new challenges. From difficulty in opening multiple overseas bank accounts and high management costs, to high currency conversion fees and limited options for cash withdrawal—PingPong was quick to offer sustainable, smart, and low-cost solutions to these issues. PingPong’s response was an all-in-one global payments suite to make sure that its partner enterprises can succeed and make significant profits from international markets.

In 2022, Southeast Asia proved to be a high-profile emerging market, and cross-border sales and foreign trade veterans in this region have seized the opportunity by collaborating with PingPong. Since then, the payments unicorn has established a strong presence in Thailand and Indonesia and has been supporting multi-currency collections including Indian rupees and Singapore dollars. PingPong’s growing dominance in Southeast Asia means more financial protection for cross-border enterprises in the region.

PingPong has also laid the groundwork for partner enterprises in South Korea and Japan, where it recently became a member of JPSA. In addition to this, PingPong has also minted an exciting partnership with Rakuten, Amazon Japan, Coupang, and other similar platforms. Lastly, the emergence of PingPong Flowmore in Japan and South Korea will make cross-border enterprise capital withdrawals always fast, cost-efficient, and secure.

Moving forward, PingPong will continue to focus on globalization, digitalization, and the idea of an open economy with the goal of putting SMEs first. It will also keep investing in innovative tech solutions to modernize cross-border trade with digital payments as the core service. PingPong will make commitments to bridge the gap between the global market and the entire industrial chain, so that majority of small and medium-sized enterprises can easily keep up with the ever-changing global trade landscape.

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