We’re over the moon about announcing our latest accolade - we’ve been recognized as the Best Payment Solution Provider in the USA by Global Banking and Finance.

Want to read a little more into why Global Banking and Finance reveres PingPong so highly?

This is What You Can Do With PingPong

  • Move money across borders safely, in real-time, and in local currencies
  • Save 3-5% on foreign exchange costs
  • ZERO international wire fees
  • Access to low-cost destination hubs to source high-demand consumer goods
  • Round-the-clock support and expertise on supplier relations, PLUS elite access to trusted Chinese and other international suppliers.
  • Lower risks and exposure when managing growing supply chains
  • Zero-friction cross-border payments
  • Paying suppliers directly, no manual payments
  • Plus much more!


Always Evolving and Innovating to Meet Your Needs

Digital marketplaces are the future of e-commerce: The e-commerce proportion of total sales increased by nearly as much in one year as it had in the previous decade because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With that being said, you’ll always have something to look forward to at PingPong. Want to know what we have our sights set on for the near(er) future? Neo-banking.

Neo banking is a rapidly accelerating Fintech trend, with neo-banks expected to raise  $394 bn by 2026 worldwide. Global eCommerce sales are expected to hit $4.2 trillion as the online surge continues (Adobe, April 2021), based on hundreds of thousands of small businesses selling via Etsy, Alibaba, eBay and Amazon.

And PingPong is positioning itself to evolve and adapt right along with the industry to meet your ever-evolving business needs.  

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without Our Customers, And We Mean That!

PingPong Payments was created when our founders spotted a gap in the market that banks simply weren’t interested or capable of serving: YOU - our customers. We offer businesses global access to cash in real-time and the support necessary to adapt quickly, saving companies up to 80% more compared to banks.

Since 2015 we’ve been growing and evolving right along with your businesses to continue bringing companies all over the world best-in-class solutions that beat out the competition, time and time again. Thanks for being our customer and helping us achieve this new accolade. We’re excited to continue earning your support, your trust and to help you do business way beyond traditional boundaries.

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