Step 1: Log in your PingPong account, click on “Send Payment” on the left.

Step 2: Choose the payment type.
Single payment: Choose 1 specific client from the supplier list
Batch payment: upload template to pay in batch

Step 3-1: Single Payment

1. Choose a vendor
You can choose existing recipient or add a new recipient.

2. Confirm the payment details
Please confirm payment methods, amount, additional information, then click on Submit button.
Payment methods: ① account balance; ② Manually transfer money from bank; ③ Deduct from bank account directly (ACH) ④ credit card.

3.Specific notification when choose “Manually transfer funds to PingPong”

After confirmation you will need to manually wire exact amount to the designated bank account showing on the page. PingPong will process your payment once we receive the exact funds. Otherwise, the payment will pending for 24 hours and turns to failed when it is expired.

Step 3-2: Batch payment

  1. Choose the batch payment type and download the template

2. Fill the required information and upload the template

Step 4: Wait for payment approved
If you pay to a new added recipient, you need to wait until the verification passed.
Required material: invoice involves trading details and amount related with undergoing transaction.

Step 5: Check payment records
The payment can be checked in “transaction” tab on the left. Click “send” you can get payment list.

Step 6: Cancel payment
① Go to payment detail page and find the cancellation button
② If you cannot find cancellation button please contact your account manager or our customer service. There may be $35 cancellation fee charged.

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