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The 127th Canton Fair, officially called the China Import and Export Fair, is less than one month away (June 15-24, 2020). Already the longest-running and the largest trade show in mainland China, the Canton Fair will be achieving another milestone this year—its first ever online exhibition.

Initially a pragmatic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the choice has since grown to become a major initiative for innovative development. The Canton Fair intends to provide 24/7 online services for product promotion, business matchmaking and negotiations, and remote order placement for both Chinese and international businesses.

Additionally, the fair also plans on:

  • -Setting up a cross-border e-commerce zone to explore new possibilities for efficient international trade
  • -Promoting a batch of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises
  • -Providing live stream services for exhibitors to promote their products to buyers
  • -Enabling face-to-face negotiation or mass marketing promotion to audiences

The move online means guests won’t be able to marvel at the Canton Fair Complex. At 1,100,000 m2, the entire center is approximately the size of 71 Walmart Supercenters or 218 football fields. However, it does mean the fair is open to more people than ever, with invitations extended to over 400,000 global buyers.

As you can see, the magnitude of the event remains unchanged, despite the transition online. The Canton Fair’s sheer size means the event is split into three sessions.  

Phase I

Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances
• Household electrical
• Consumer Electronics and
   Information Products
• Electronic and electrical

Lighting Equipment
• Lighting Equipment

Vehicles & Spare Parts
• Bicycles
• Motorcycles
• Vehicle spare parts
• Vehicles

• Large Machinery &
• Power Machinery and
   Electric Power
• General Machinery, Small
   Processing Machinery and
   Industrial Accessories
• Construction and Agriculture

Hardware & Tools
• Hardware
• Tools

Building Materials
• Building and decorative
• Sanitary and bathroom

Chemical Products
• Chemical products

Energy Resources
• New Energy Resources

Phase II

Consumer Goods
• General ceramics
• Household items
• Personal care products
• Toiletries
• Kitchenware & tableware
• Pet Products & Food

• Clocks, watches & optical instruments
• Toys
• Gifts and premiums
• Festival products

Home Decorations
• Art ceramics
• Home decorations
• Glass artware
• Furniture
• Gardening products
• Stone/Iron Decoration &
   Outdoor Spa Equipment
• Weaving, rattan and iron

Phase III

Home Decorations
• Men and women’s clothing
• Kids’ wear
• Underwear
• Sports and casual wear
• Furs, leather, downs &
   related products
• Fashion accessories and
• Home textiles
• Textile raw materials and
• Carpets & tapestries


• Shoes


Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products
• Office Supplies
• Cases and Bags
• Sports, Travel and
   Recreation Products


• Food


Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products
• Medicines, Health Products and Medical Devices

Also unchanged is much of the registration process. If you’re interested in attending this year’s event, join us for a walkthrough as we demystify the multi-step process to getting a buyer badger. 

How to Get a Canton Fair Buyer Badge

Originally written in Chinese, much of the site can be a bit confusing to navigate and the calls-to action are not always clear. We’ve simplified the process as best we can through the following 7 easy steps.

1. Register

Head to the official site to begin the application. Use the form to fill in your personal information, then hit “Registration” at the bottom.

guide register canton fair

2. Email Verification

Upon completion, you’ll receive a unique verification URL at the email address you provided. This process may take a few minutes, so hang tight.

Click the link to verify your email and continue your application.

3. Log In

The email URL will redirect you to a login page where you can enter your credentials and log in. If successful, you’ll be taken to an application dashboard where a prompt will pop up to ask if you’ve already gotten a buyer badge. Click “No.”

4. Personal Information

We’ll be going down the row of menu items on the left. First up, hit “Personal Information” to complete your profile. 

The first form should already be filled out so make sure the details are correct.

guide register canton fair

Add your contact information on the next page, then hit “Submit.”

Next, you’ll need to upload a couple of different items:
-ID Photo
-Passport photo
-Photo of your business card

Remember to review the guidelines (red text) for each photo before uploading it.

5. Create Your Company Profile

Next, you’ll need to create a profile for your company, the entity you’re representing during the fair. You’ll also be able to add coworkers and team members to this company profile.

Click “Company Information” from the left hand menu. Add your company name and email, then click “Create a company.”

Next, fill out your company’s profile information, then click “Create a company.”

6. Assign Roles

Next, you’ll need to associate your personal profile to the newly created company profile. Click on the “Associate management” tab from the left side menu.

Then click  “add new associates” to fill in your personal details. Don’t forget to give yourself the role of administrator. 

guide register canton fair

7. Pre-apply for your buyer badge

From the left side menu, select “My buyer badge.” The menu choices will change on the next page. From the new left side menu, select “Pre application for Buyer Badge.”

Enter your name and the email address associated with your account, then hit “Query.” Once the search returns your name, tick the box next to your name, and proceed with the rest of the form. Hit “Submit.”

guide register canton fair

This will update the status of your application to “To be accepted.” The results of the application will be mailed to you once it gets reviewed.

And that’s it!

Because the event has transitioned online, you won’t need to worry about applying for an invitation which is normally used to obtain a travel visa for the event. Use the time instead to check out all the other exciting features of the online event.

Tencent has come on board as the technical service provider for the Fair. China’s tech giant will offer technical and cloud support for traders as well as a livestream service to enable buyers to conduct individual negotiation or join in on a mass promotional event.

For more information and updates on the event, head to the Canton Fair website.

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