The global e-commerce landscape demands efficient and secure money transfer options for businesses dealing with suppliers and partners in China. In this comprehensive guide, we will evaluate four popular third-party money transfer services and discuss their advantages, costs, and security features. Additionally, we will highlight the unique value proposition of PingPong Payments, making it an ideal choice for your business.


2.1 Advantages

Payoneer is a global payment platform designed for businesses and professionals. It allows users to receive payments in multiple currencies and make payments to suppliers worldwide. Payoneer offers competitive exchange rates, typically 2-3% above the mid-market rate, and provides users with a dedicated receiving account for each supported currency.
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2.2 Disadvantages, Cost, and Speed

Payoneer may charge fees for certain transactions, including receiving payments, withdrawing funds, and transferring funds to a local bank account. These fees can vary depending on the user's location and transaction type. Additionally, the speed of transfers may be slower than some other third-party services, with international transfers taking between 2-5 business days.


3.1 Advantages

PayPal is a widely recognized and trusted platform for making online payments. It offers a convenient and user-friendly interface, allowing businesses to easily send and receive payments. PayPal also provides buyer and seller protection, which can help businesses resolve disputes and minimize the risk of fraud.

3.2 Disadvantages, Cost, and Speed

While PayPal offers many advantages, it is not the most cost-effective solution for international money transfers. They charge a currency conversion fee of up to 4% on top of the base exchange rate, as well as fees for receiving commercial payments, typically around 2.9% of the transaction value plus a fixed fee. Transfer times may vary, with transactions often taking between 1-5 business days.
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4.1 Advantages

Veem is a global payment platform that specializes in international money transfers for businesses. It uses blockchain technology to facilitate secure and efficient transactions. Veem offers competitive exchange rates, typically 1-2% above the mid-market rate, and transparent fee structures with no hidden costs.(Quote & Link: "Veem Pricing," Veem,

4.2 Disadvantages, Cost, and Speed

While Veem's fee structure is transparent, it may not be the most cost-effective solution for all businesses, as fees can vary depending on the transaction amount and destination country. Additionally, transaction speeds can be slower than other services, with international transfers taking between 3-5 business days.

PingPong Payments

5.1 Advantages

PingPong Payments offers a highly cost-effective and secure solution for sending money to China. One of its unique value propositions is the ability to transfer from USD to RMB with no limit, allowing businesses to save on exchange rate fees. PingPong also enables users to pay invoices using their local credit cards, simplifying the payment process and providing additional convenience.

5.2 Disadvantages, Cost, and Speed

While PingPong Payments is a strong contender in the market, it may not offer as many currency options as some competitors. However, the platform's competitive fees and fast transfer times make it an ideal choice for businesses dealing with Chinese suppliers. International transfers typically take 1-2 business days, offering a quicker solution than most other services.


In conclusion, while Payoneer, PayPal, Veem, and Tipalti all offer valuable money transfer services for businesses, PingPong Payments stands out for its unique features and cost-effective solutions. With no limit on USD to RMB transfers, the ability to pay invoices using local credit cards, and fast transaction times, PingPong Payments is an ideal choice for businesses sending money to China securely.

"Since switching to PingPong Payments, we have saved a significant amount on transaction fees and experienced faster transfer times. The platform's user-friendly interface and customer support have made managing our international payments a breeze. Highly recommended for any business dealing with Chinese suppliers."

- Jane Smith,
Global Procurement Manager

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