Expanding into global markets is a major opportunity for growth, but it also means sending money internationally. While this can be costly and time-consuming, PingPong Payments offers a solution. In this article, we'll discuss the real cost of sending money internationally and how to avoid hidden fees and slow payments.

The Cost of Sending Money Internationally

As you prepare to expand your business globally, it's important to consider the additional costs and fees that come with sending money internationally. Two of the most significant factors to keep in mind are slow payments and hidden charges.

Slow Payments Affect Your Supply Chain

When you send money internationally, the payments you send to suppliers may take longer to be processed and approved. Slow payment transactions can cause adverse effects on your supply chain, including:

  • Diminished Supplier Relationships: Maintaining healthy business relationships with your suppliers is crucial. When your payments are consistently late, these relationships can suffer, leading to suppliers choosing to no longer work with you, especially when conducting business internationally.
  • Costly Penalty Fees: Late payments can result in high-cost penalty fees that can eat away at your profits. The more penalty fees you have to pay, the less profitable and productive working with an international supplier can become.
  • Disrupted Cash Flow: From corporations to e-commerce, cash flow is an essential component in any functioning business. Late payments can lead to poor supplier performance, which can significantly affect your ability to provide products and services to customers. As a result, your cash flow can become disrupted and challenging to re-establish.

The Added Expense of Hidden Charges

When sending money internationally, hidden charges can quickly add up. Banks, financial institutions, or money transfer companies can charge customers a wide range of fees, making it essential to be aware of these costs so you can compare them accurately between institutions. These potential fees include:

  • Intermediary Bank Fees: An international money transfer often involves an intermediary bank that helps to connect your domestic bank to an international one. As global banks are not part of the same financial system as domestic ones, intermediary banks are often essential for completing money transfers with this method.
  • Institution-Specific Transfer Fees: Every financial institution that offers money transfer services will have a set transfer fee that they charge. These fees can range in value, making it important to pay attention to the costs of the institution or company you are working with.
  • Exchange Rate Fees: The exchange rate refers to how the value of one currency compares to another. With some international banks or institutions, you may encounter exchange rate fees that account for exchanging money. As with institution-specific transfer fees, exchange rate fees can vary in value.

Additional fees can also add to what you owe, such as cancellation fees or online transfer fees.

How to Avoid High Money Transfer Costs

The best way to avoid high international fees for money transfers is to be aware of who you are working with and what potential hidden fees they are charging. Additionally, it's essential to work with a financial partner that prioritizes efficiency and safety to ensure your payments are always made on time.

How PingPong Payments Helps Optimize Your International Money Transfers

PingPong Payments can help you save both time and money by optimizing your international money transfers. Our platform allows clients to perform fast and localized payments and money transfers. We have one of the most competitive pricing models, capping fees for foreign currency conversions at just 1%. Now business can pay any of their domestic and overseas suppliers by credit card even where they aren't accepted.

Thanks to PingPong's strategic positioning in Asia, you can send and receive money quickly, including to and from major economic hubs such as the U.S. and China. We facilitate same-day payments to ensure your business relationships with suppliers are well-maintained. Our platform allows clients to have greater transparency of their capital and has assisted more than 1 million clients in safe money transfers.

With PingPong’s integrated solution, your business can save time while avoiding costly fees associated with international transfers. Additionally, PingPong can help optimize your invoicing and reconciliation processes.

Final Thoughts: A reliable, fast, and low-cost payment platform saves the day.

PingPong offers a comprehensive global payment solution that allows businesses to easily and securely send and receive money internationally. With its strategic positioning in Asia and ability to facilitate same-day payments, PingPong can help businesses maintain positive relationships with suppliers and save on costly fees associated with international transfers.

PingPong's integrated solution also offers greater transparency of capital and can help optimize invoicing and reconciliation processes. As a result, PingPong is an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their operations globally and create a robust international business model.

With more than $150 million in transfers per day and API integrations to improve existing systems and build new business opportunities, PingPong is well-equipped to provide businesses with the support and tools they need to succeed in different regions.

To learn more about PingPong and its global payment solutions, visit website or contact <supplierpay@pingpongx.us> today.

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