The Covid-19 crisis sent a shockwave through the global economy — dramatically shifting consumer behaviors, in some cases, permanently. People were forced to quickly adopt new habits. Although the pandemic is far from over, we’ve begun to see certain trends emerge. Global consumers continue to feel they’re not back to regular activities and that the effects of Covid-19 will be long lasting. It’s worthwhile for ecommerce sellers to analyze consumer trends during the crisis for information that could lead to new opportunities. Determining which purchasing trends are here to stay could lead to growing revenue for sellers. Here are the top products selling online now.

Face masks and hand sanitizer

top selling products online

It’s not surprising that the most in demand commodities worldwide were face masks and disinfectants. The sales on every ecommerce platform paint the same picture. Demand for masks suddenly spiked while production lagged behind, creating the perfect conditions for price gouging. Amazon responded with their own measures to protect their shoppers from those predatory practices and blocked new sellers from listing masks and sanitizers. Production has since ramped up, and the demand is now closer to being met. Consumers are more conscious of their health and safety post-pandemic. An increased demand for products in this category might be expected to last beyond the crisis.

Home Office

  1. As shutdowns set in across the world, those who were able to work from home suddenly had to outfit a home office. Forty-six percent of people who never worked from home previously now plan to work from home more often in the future. Increasingly positive attitudes towards working remotely and ongoing concerns for personal health should power continued growth in this category. Regular updates in technology and convenience provide opportunities for sellers to establish their brand. As with the other categories on this list, maintaining a perception of value will be crucial for success in this category. Sourcing products made from sustainable materials could provide an additional path for building brand awareness.

    Gardening supplies

top selling products online

Home gardening saw a boost in purchasing as more consumers turned to their personal outdoor space for an escape, or looked to supplement their grocery purchases. This trend ties in with consumers’ overall interest in living a healthier lifestyle, which should continue long after the lockdowns. Gardening requires the purchase of specific equipment, much of it easy to source and sell. It’s important for sellers to provide quality and value in this category.


In the US, the Grocery and Gourmet Food category has had the largest rise in sales in comparison to all the others:

top selling products online

Before the crisis, online grocery shopping wasn’t a popular choice. Grocery stores remained open during lockdowns, but fear of the virus led to groceries becoming one of the top products selling online. Whether or not this trend continues depends largley on a country’s digital environment. According to research, consumers in countries with developed ecommerce infrastructures expect to continue purchasing groceries online in the future. Within the grocery category, there’s been a 101% increase in purchasing of canned, jarred, and packaged food. This trend, combined with consumers’ increased interest in healthy lifestyles, represents an opportunity for sellers. Providing healthy, non-perishable items might be a way to break into this market. As the crisis wears on, more consumers will become accustomed to purchasing groceries online. Finding a niche within this segment could be lucrative in the future.

Focusing on the emerging trends from the pandemic can provide valuable insights for sellers. Consumers will likely continue to prioritize their health and well-being long after the crisis. The economic fallout should lead to an increased desire for value. Products that fulfill these desires will fuel long-term growth for savvy sellers.

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