This Women’s Day, we turn the spotlight on an amazing woman in business and one of PingPong’s remarkable clients, Merissa Cohen, who is a mother, dreamer, and entrepreneur.

The CEO and Founder of Savvy & Sorted – the home of effortless organization – Merissa chats with us to share her love of labels, the women who inspire her, and her penchant for simplicity and organization.

In this fun interview, we learn more about Merissa’s journey as an empowered woman in business.

PingPong: Hi Merissa, At PingPong we’re all about hard work while having fun, so let's play a word game, PingPong style. We give you a word and you give us one back. Let’s begin!

On Personal Labels

  • PingPong: What are 3 labels you would use on Yourself?
    Merissa: Mother, Daughter, Dreamer.
  • PingPong: Which label would you put first, and why?
    I've always been a Dreamer. In fact, I used to call myself a Dreamer-preneur. After I became a Mother I finally had the courage to pursue my dreams to finally become an Entrepreneur.

    Never underestimate the power of AUTHENTICITY. A person who believes in his/her/their mission and comes with an open heart can be successful at anything
Never underestimate the power of AUTHENTICITY.
- Merissa Cohen

On Success

  • PingPong: What is one label you would use on Success?

    Every day, every conversation, every decision, every product, we have the opportunity to make the world a better place.

    Savvy & Sorted exists as a lifestyle business inspired by the way people live when they have their life in order, and we are committed to helping people fall in love with their home through organized living.

    We are a woman-founded and operated business with inclusion, diverse culture representation, and sustainability at the forefront of all our decision-making. From thoughtful sourcing and packaging to reducing food wastage and single use plastic, our mission is to use home organization as a platform to inspire conscious consumption and happy, healthy living.

On Savvy

  • PingPong: What is one label you would use on Savvy?
  • PingPong: How was your business able to address the key challenges the customers in your market face?

    Merissa: Life can get pretty chaotic, especially when you add careers, family, children, friends, pets, and everything else into the mix. We are here to simplify life, to remove the stress and overwhelm, and to create more space for living the life of your dreams. It starts in your home and all the "things" you surround yourself with.

    Our growing product range of labeling and storage solutions is born from an intuitive design process that helps people remove the frustration and roadblocks guiding them through their home organization journey.

    The end result is organized bliss, a unique feeling for peace and pride when you walk into a tidy room and where everything has its place and your mind is free to dream.
  • PingPong: Speaking of a savvy way to address some of the key challenges our business face, especially when it comes to paying our amazing suppliers all over the world in different currencies, PingPong has been a game-changer and a winning partner.

    Merissa: PingPong has enabled Savvy & Sorted® to expand to new sales channels and in different markets globally quickly and with ease. With just a few clicks our accounting team can make and receive payments in any country, and we get the best exchange rates when transferring funds.

    And finally, we have a solution where we don't pay bank fees every time we make payments. These features make PingPong a critical partner in the growth and scaling of our business.

On Diversity

  • PingPong: What is one label you would use on Diversity?
    Merissa: Inclusion.

    It is very important for all people, particularly children, to see themselves represented in products, media, entertainment, and in business. I personally and professionally aim to keep an open heart, an open mind and do a better job of listening, which helps me stay grounded and connected to my team and our loyal and diverse customers.

    Last year we had an incredible opportunity to collaborate with one amazing customer, Farha Shariff (IG @fairlyorganized), who wanted spice labels written in her native language. Rather than printing a single custom order, we worked together to design a specific range of South Asian / Indian Spice Labels with the Indian name and English translation. There is no other product like this in the US Market, or anywhere for that matter.

    We are currently expanding this product range to include common spices from other international cuisines in the native language. We want people from all nationalities who love cooking to feel a sense of pride in their culture when they see our spices on display. There is so much history, heart and connection in food.

On Future

  • PingPong: What is one label you would use on Future?
    Merissa: Now.

    As JFK so poignantly said, "If not us, who? And if not now, when?" Now is the time, and we are the women creating the change for a better, more diverse and inclusive future.

    I'm grateful to be alive and running my company in a time when Women Owned and Minority-Led businesses are celebrated and sought after, when there is access to information and tools that make it so easy to launch a startup and reach global markets with the click of a button.

    Thank you to organizations like PingPong that are so supportive and championing the great work women in this world are doing!

On Women

  • PingPong: What is one label you would use on Future?
    Merissa: Lifeforce.

    Women are the lifeforce for a future full of abundance, connection, and joy. It is our innate wisdom that has been undervalued and suppressed, even seen as weakness, in business for too long. But today we live in a world that is changing because of the incredible women who amplify the voice of their innate wisdom. We are the lifeforce of future leaders and will pave the wave for a better future.
Women are the lifeforce for a future full of abundance, connection, and joy. - Merissa Cohen

Good game, Merissa! You truly are a winner!

PingPong is truly inspired by her passion, leadership, and authenticity, and how these traits contribute to Savvy & Sorted’s success. As we celebrate Women’s Day, let us recognize the amazing women who are changing the world through entrepreneurship and impact.

At PingPong, we are proud to support and empower women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. Happy Women’s Day!

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